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    Anne Redpath OBE RA

    1885 - 1965

    Altar in Pigna

    Altar in Pigna

  • About Anne Redpath

    Anne Redpath was born in Galashiels, the daughter of a tweed designer and this no doubt influenced her interest in colour and texture. After her marriage she lived in France for a number of years and it was not until she returned to Scotland in 1934 that she fully resumed her career. Her subjects were mainly still lifes and landscapes inspired by her frequent visits to France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Her later works included a number of church interiors painted in a rich, heavy impasto. Pigna is in northern Italy, near the border with Monaco.

    Alta in Pigna [1963]
    Oil on canvas, 61 x 49.5 cm
    Given by Jean Chamberlin for her architect husband, Peter Chamberlin 1992