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    Susan Wilson

    Joe in a Red Shirt

    Joe in a Red Shirt

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    Susan Wilson arrived in Britain in 1976 from New Zealand via South America. She worked as a neurological nursing sister, before training a Camberwell School of Arts and Crafts and the Royal Academy Schools. She has exhibited widely and won a commendation in the John Player Portrait awards in 1987. Joe is her husband's son whom she helped bring up from the age of 3.

    Joe in a Red Shirt
    Oil on canvas, 91 x 71 cm
    Donated by the artist 1994


    MY FAVOURITE WORK: Jo Cobb, Head Gardener

    I love this picture because of the fabulous colour red the artist has used. It looks really good hung in the long room where the light if just perfect for this colour.  Of course I like the subject matter but mostly I love the red.

    It reminds me of an incidental conversation I had with a graphic designer who when musing on this colour said it was often used by American University sports teams.  After that conversation I saw it everywhere and was delighted to see it hanging in the Art Collection too.