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    Margaret Arthur

    Shattered I

    Shattered I

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    Margaret Arthur lives and works in Bangor, Northern Ireland. She has written: "My work explores the essence of relationships, often symbolically, sometimes narratively. Through the medium of printmaking and the layering of images, the physical merges with the spiritual, integrating the inner landscape of our bodies with the outer landscape of our lives." 

    Shattered I [1995]
    Etching on two plates with aquatint, 1/15, 49 x 35 cms
    Donated by Ruth Lynden-Bell 2003

    Shattered I expresses the artist's reaction to the suicide of a young member of her family, only six months married, who, as he left his house for the last time, slammed the door so hard that the glass shattered. The shards have fallen to the bottom of the picture and the beautiful Donegal landscape is broken too, the promised future of the young couple in ruins.