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    Sally Beamish

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    Shelagh Atkinson was born in Scotland in 1959. She has worked in the world of art, photographing Sally Beamish, Benjamin Zander, Balthasar Burkhardt and Simon McBurney to name but a few. Shelagh is not strictly a photographer but uses her images to create screenprints handprinted at the Edinburgh print studio. Her work is collected and exhibited nationally and internationally, publicly and privately including Scottish National Portrait gallery, Scottish National Museum. Shelagh's work is of public figures and the profoundly interesting. She has built up a successful artistic practice working from her studio in Edinburgh. The work of art is the human spirit, the function of which is to broaden and enrich it.

    Beryl [2003]
    Screenprint from original photograph by Catrin Anderson, 38 x 60cm
    Donated by the artist, 2006

    Sally Beamish [2007]
    Screenprint 1/3
    Donated by the artist, 2007